Few days back, Harsh briefly narrated to me a random normal experience, and asked me to write it down in my words. Here’s what came out –

“The highway was completely dark, for there had probably been a misconduct with the street lights management system. It was all cold and dark and dormant; the only visible lights were those of the cars ascending towards the two strangers walking together besides the highway. The cars, with their headlights barely visible when far off, with decreasing distance exposed a bright, naked beam of light. What a stark contrast the whole ambiance had in itself – the cold, dark and dormant environment, and the cars coming out of one nowhere and then vanishing into another nowhere with their bright, warm and soothing headlights flashing over the strangers’ faces. As they moved past them, they were leaving heavy gushes of the pleasant winter air which was touching their faces like ghostly spirits in this solitude. Everything except the vehicle and the two men stood still and silent, without making any noise or movement.

They kept walking until they reached a break in the steel bars that lined the side ends of the lane, which looked like a vantage point. They jumped over the steel bars and came to a service road that went perpendicular to the highway. Although this road was a lot more deserted than the highway, it was quite the same like it, for the end was nowhere to be seen in the darkness. The destination was certainly not certain; they were walking into an abstract nothingness. The gushes of air which were heavy on the highway were now losing their moment with the increasing distance from it, but still, they were lashing the two strangers’ faces like the occasional glimmer of lights which was coming from the few far-off houses that were occupied, or the occasional passing of a vehicle.

They stopped by the only street vendor on that road, a man with uncertain features, who used to sit until late at night even in this shivering cold to avail people of a leisurely commodity to cope-up with the biting – cigarettes. One of the two strangers bought a pack of his regular flavor, paid the vendor and then both of them again started off with their journey. He then took out a cigarette from the pack, held it between his lips, softly enough not to break the brisk cellulose acetate filter, but strongly enough to prevent it from falling, and then taking out the lighter from the inner pocket of his jacket and holding it close to the end of the cigarette, he pressed the knob. A gentle little blue flame popped out of the hole and lit up the cigarette, leaving it looking like a cherry on the pudding.

He took a puff; taking in a rich white smoke of the plush & unaltered shag tobacco, which itself had traveled a long journey to reach the mouth of these strange travelers. Passing on the cigarette to other stranger, he released the smoke into the cold air, which was still touching their faces even when all the vehicles were left far behind. The air, no matter how comfortable, had a strangeness holding it, as if without a reason to evoke it, it was coming from an unknown, alien place or maybe from a void in time, space & matter. While this all was throwing waves of chill down their spines, the smoke which was alternatively going down their lungs was keeping them warm. (To be continued)”

This is, however, incomplete and I wish to complete once my exams are over.