(Poetry about the loss of a loved one)

I can see all the stars

On the red tainted sky by its sides,

The moon finally smiles.

Looks into my clear eyes,

Homes to the dirt and an old light

Has it gone away for real?

It’s not war, here

In our part of the world

But why can’t I feel?

Are you still caught up?

Trying to find meaning

Behind those burning red skies?

When at last I am able

To see the stars with their moon

And not the moon alone like a curse

When at last my eyes

Are free of the dirt

Free of the blur

But the moon keeps smiling

It knows something it won’t ever say

And all this red tint, now don’t you miss the grey?

I can see all the stars

As I stand here and contemplate

The moon finally smiles.

Comes a little closer as if to whisper

Goes back farther yet

When we’re not alive, we are a little too dead

Took me long to sow

This simple truth in my self

Let’s see what I reap when time comes

Well, at least I am glad that you exist

As my bad faith is over,

This is the only thing I’ll ever believe

The wars may go on, 

The stars may disappear again

The wounds that never heal, may even start to heal again

We will figure out something to pass on

A wisdom quote

The answers we chose

Polaroid photos

Things that, together, you and I wrote

Or a few millennia old whisper in the air

That may live for a few millennia more

(Artwork made using gel pen)