(To you, as long as 1/0)

Note that when I come back

There will be nothing left to grab

Or clutch, or hold

For I always come riding the wind

Note that when I come back

Ours will be the only one in wraps

Of barbed wires piercing through the crimson

For I always thought I could keep my promises, 

Moulded by the sun, shaped by a few

I fought the world, but lost to you

Couldn’t hide well, my scar tissue

I went weakest as I emerged new

Note that when I come back, there would be no songs played

Only the wind whistling as it does

For my stride has slowed down a bit

And I expect myself to punish myself

I promise I won’t make anymore false promises

But it’s the only language I speak

As long as I ride on

The windows look out with hope

The ones never been broken

Even once, words unspoken

I need to feel you on my skin

I need to feel you on my skin

I’ve said it twice and I’ll say it again

For the burden I carry is mine alone

Note that when you fall asleep

There would be me, wide awake

Searching in the dark, the callous

To prick it, and let it bleed dry

The thin gray area between modesty and arrogance

For I thought I could love you enough 

And nothing would bother me

Note that when I finally did

I was at war with myself

And you, my only hope of winning

Or else, I was lying dead

Counting my last few breaths

Note that when they come to entertain

Time will sweep my footprints

It’s not wrong if you feel I am wrong

I am a terrible man, anyway

Told you I will come riding the wind

The only promise I ever kept

The feet sore, the steps inept

The marks on our body, time swept

Ask your questions, measure the depth

Note that I am not the certainty

But I will certainly bring you love

For it’s the only thing I’ve longed enough