(The Poem I wrote for my College Farewell)

Someone had told me once
It rains stars that night every year

They grant you wishes, luck and everything mortal

Like a fragrance, a spirit, an imported liquor bottle

And blessed are the ones on whose shoulders

The stardust settles down as fireflies

Someone had told me once

We can swim and run and even fly, all on our own

You would ask me how is that?

Well, they are the ones who believe in shooting stars

They are the dreamers, the travelers, the explorers

The ones who stand firm against

Whatever fate and destiny are

Those who proudly wear the stardust

On their shoulders, get up and change the world forever

I set out to be one of them

Someone had told me once

I could watch that rain, too

So I sat down that night, waiting

For my fate to show me a shooting star

I sat down that night, and kept on sitting

For I thought my destiny

Had at least one last star shower

But I had a dream in my eyes, too

And just when I closed them

A glow appeared behind my eyelids

And when I opened them, it was gone

Nothing could console my alter-ego then

For I had learned, that

Fate is just a four letter word,

Destiny is what you make it

And dreams are seen with wide open eyes