(Never give up, you!)

Keep your eyes tight shut,

But there’s still colors

The chemicals in your head 

In your body, wide awake.

Surf by their light, a beam of shivers 

They tried a little hard

But your dry mouth still shows signs

A life which resonates with

Whatever hope’s left inside you

Because your own died a while ago

This one’s borrowed 

Or no, shoved down your throat with

A pinch of spirituality 

No one’s sorry to bother you

So keep that dry mouth alive

And hold a pin, press it between your lips

Tilt your head, prick your heart with it

See if it’s blood which flows

Or the colors of a rainbow 

There’s a fever ticking like a clock

To be held too long, it will burn

And the waves it sends are cold, not hot

A matter of time

The one thing you try to outrun

But everything’s still

The moment, the gestures, the places

It’s all going down the drain of colors

Hold it too long, maybe you could burn all

The naysayers

And the trick-players

And then later, if there’s still anything left

Go out on a frozen beam of colorful shivers

You’ll get to know what you really deserve.