Trains are fascinating things, just as Steven Wilson tells in his song of the same name. I thought it was about time I compiled another list, so I decided this time it was going to be about the trains I have chased so far, and the things I found around them. The following list contains my top ten picks from the photos I clicked using my phone camera for #windowseatproject on Instagram.

The order of the pictures doesn’t decide their rank. As earlier, simple screenshots from my Instagram account, so the image quality isn’t very good. The camera used is my phone camera, Karbonn Sparkle V (5 MP) and the locations and dates of production are mentioned with the pictures, respectively.

1. Allahabad Junction Railway Station | December, 2016

2. Bardadeeh, Satna (M.P.) | October, 2016

3. (Somewhere near) Manikpur Railway Station | December, 2016

4. Anand Vihar Railway Station | October, 2016

5. (Somewhere near) Satna Railway Station | October, 2016

6. (Somewhere near) Shankargarh Railway Station | August, 2016

7. Allahabad Junction Railway Station | December, 2016

8. Allahabad Junction Railway Station | July, 2016

9. Maihar Railway Station | January, 2017

10. Satna Railway Station | November, 2016
Thank you.